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Life Button 24’s systematic approach to designing PERS separates us from the competition. The Life Button 24 Plus is designed by Life Button 24 Plus engineers who also develop monitoring center software and hardware. Life Button 24 Plus is intimately involved with day-to-day costs, efficiencies, and liabilities associated with a medical alert company and applies that knowledge in every facet of our PERS designs. Therefore, the Life Button 24 Plus is designed to be easily monitored, serviced, and maintained by any central station and/or PERS Provider.

Simply put, you will not find a better cellular based PERS.

  • The Life Button 24 Plus: Your answer to no landline.
  • The Life Button 24 Plus is the first cellular medical alarm in the industry to provide a 3G cellular connection. The Life Button 24 Plus is state of the art equipment, designed by Life Button 24 Plus engineers.
  • As more people get rid of their Pots lines and switch to other mediums of communication, the Life Button 24 Plus will become more and more valuable to PERS dealers.


Product Description


  • PHB Range Test Mode
  • Monitor Mode
  • Easy to Program Panic Buttons and Other Wireless Devices
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Voice Prompts and Messages


  • Pre-programmed from the Factory
  • Typically 5+ Years Before Battery Replacement
  • 3-5 Year Panic Button Battery (Monitored)
  • Built to Last
  • Dealer Repairable (If Desired)

LifeButton24 Plus FEATURES

  • Telguard Patented Technology
  • Voice Prompts in Two Languages
  • Monitored Personal Help Button (PHB)
  • More than 600 ft. Panic Button Range
  • 60+ Hours of Backup Battery
  • Over-Discharge Battery Protection
  • Precise Battery Charging Algorithms
  • 3G AT&T Network
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Unsurpassed Voice Range
  • Duplex & Simplex Voice Mode
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Monitored by Any Central Station- No Special Configurations Needed
  • Audible Cellular Strength Notification
  • Up to Two Medication Dispensers
  • Provisioned for Smoke & CO Detectors
  • Integrated Cellular- No Attachments Necessary
  • FDA Registered
  • Operational in US and Canada

Additional Information

Emergency Monitoring

Pricing: Monthly Monitoring Fee of $34.95, Hardware Cost: $0


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