Garden City, New York—(September 30, 2016)—Life Button 24, the personal safety alert system has announced a partnership with Protection From Abuse Security Services, a national non-profit domestic abuse organization. The organization provides expert threat assessments and protective services to high risk victims of domestic violence. Now, in addition to security services the GPS pendants and mobile app developed by Life Button 24 have been added as an enhancement to their clients’ safety.

“Our personal safety products will provide clients of Protection From Abuse with needed coverage. The pendant provides two-way voice communications with an emergency call center when the SOS button is pushed. Security is further enhanced when combined with built-in GPS location technology enabling us to pinpoint where the user is calling from, once the button is pushed. Our operators are on duty 24/7 and are equipped to handle the specific response needs of each client,” states Jack Mara, Vice President, Life Button 24 located in Garden City, New York.

The partnership was announced this week after several clients from the organization began testing the pendant and mobile app. “Providing protective services within the domestic violence landscape is very challenging. The technology offered by Life Button 24 represents another layer of security to those in peril,” said Steven Dana, CEO, Protection From Abuse, adding, “With the support of an aggressive pricing arrangement provided by Life Button 24, we have made this technology available to our eligible clients free-of-charge, like all our services.”

According to the United Nations, one in three woman experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner. Technology, alongside safety protocols, will help those impacted begin to take back their lives.

About Life Button 24:
Life Button 24 is a leading company of safety professionals providing security programs for businesses, schools, homes and individuals at risk. Life Button 24 offers customized and programmable alert products for individuals and industry along with a 24/7 nationwide monitoring service for assistance under any circumstance.
For more information about Life Button 24, please call (855) 566-9111 or visit

About Protection From Abuse Security Services:
PROTECTION FROM ABUSE Security Services (d/b/a Protection From Abuse) is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation offering its services nationally. PROTECTION FROM ABUSE provides essential protective services to high threat victims of domestic violence. For more information please call (856) 803-9494, visit or find Protection From Abuse on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.